Do you feel stuck in your life or career?

Do you hate Sunday nights because it means Monday morning is around the corner?

This blog is for you.

I recently read Start, Next, Now. How to Get The Life You've Always Wanted by CEO Bob Pritchett. In this pragmatic work on how to achieve success in life and career, Pritchett poignantly asks: 

"What do you really want to do? Whatever it is, you have permission to do something incredible." 

I was a bit skeptical when I started this book, but Pritchett's book is as wide as it is deep. 

Here are a few of my favorite quotes and a few actions items to inspire and help you on your journey:

"I hope you are pursuing something that will let you jump from bed each morning excited to start your day and then collapse into bed each night knowing you did something with purpose."

Action Item: Get out a piece of paper and write three to five things that would make you "jump from bed each morning excited to start your day" and then ask yourself, "What is stopping me from pursuing these things?"

"It may not be possible to move directly to your goal, but you can make sure that every turn you make is in direction of your goal."

Action Item: Pick something from your "jump from bed each morning" list and write down one thing that you could do to start pursuing that dream job or opportunity. For instance, as Pritchett advocates in his book, if you want to be a writer then start a blog. If you want to be a professional photographer then start taking photos and posting them online. You have the power! Start building your portfolio, studying for that bar exam, apply to intern at a company where you want to work, take free online courses--just START!

"Fear isn't something we must eliminate, no matter what the pop psychology T-shirts say...getting ahead involves risk. It may cost you a lot to achieve your goal. The path forward may involve a lot of setbacks."

Action Item: Write down any fears that creep up as you think about pursuing your goal, recognize them as indicators of risk, and then make the decision as to whether or not you will move forward in the face of fear.

Pursuing your dream may involve going back to college, lowering your standard of living, leaving a comfortable job, or starting at an entry-level position. I have spent the last five years working 30 - 60 hours, taking full-time classes at college, raising three boys with my wife, and moving across three cities, but it was worth it!  

No one said pursuing your dream would be easy, but it will be worth it.

You can purchase Pritchett's book, Start, Next, Now here. I was not paid or asked to give this endorsement.