Don't be one of the business pitches, fundraisers, or Kickstarter projects that fail because they sound the same as everyone else.

Over the years, I have been a part of business pitches, support-raising meetings, and Kickstarter projects and I've found one thing in common with the ones who don't get the money they need: they all sound the same.

We all know the standard pitch:

Overview - Problem - Opportunity - Solution - Use of Funds

But if everyone else that is trying to raise funds has the same standard sales pitch then what separates yours from the rest of the pack?


1. Research The Market

Telling stories of real experiences within your pitch is huge. It allows people to connect to your story. In the non-profit world that I am a part of, most stories that are tied into people's presentation sound the same. Besides the name changing, I could not tell the difference from story to story. 

You must spend the time to research and become the expert so that you can explain why you believe your product or service is the solution to the market's problem.

Don't just make up the research because it makes you sound good. You need to have real-life data to back up your claim. Your potential supporters will appreciate the care you took to know everything about the market and how your product or service provides the perfect solution. 

2. Memorize Your Pitch

Any person can present a sales pitch and sound compelling. The first step is to know your pitch! Know it so well that you dream about it. You can talk about it on command. You know how to present it from any question or angle posed to you.

Know how to give your entire hour-long presentation in 30 second, 5 minutes, or 15 minutes mini-pitches. You never know when you may get an opportunity to share your story. 

Take time and memorize your pitch. It will be time well spent. 

3. Be Passionate. Every Time. For Every Audience Size.

If you are looking to fundraise, you better be passionate about what you are doing every time and for every audience size. You never know who you may meet and today's entry-level associate or front-desk worker may be tomorrow's CEO. 

Now, I get it. You're working 24/7 and hustling to start your dreams. You're tired. I have been there. I did a job for seven years and it was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. However, if you would have met me at my job, you would never know that I was not passionate about it.

I owed it to my company, my family, and myself to be the hardest and most energetic worker my job had ever seen.

Work hard at your pitch, become the expert, and be passionate every day for every audience.

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